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CV Do's and Don'ts

CV Do’s and Don’ts


Use 90gsm – 120gsm paper is best (photocopier paper is 80gsm)
Confine the CV to 2-2½ pages max. Keep it economical.
Concentrate on the past 6-10 years and truncate the rest
Outline achievements with ‘before’ and ‘after’ facts -achievements speak for themselves and shine through in a straightforward way.
Use your best English and be precise in explaining the facts.
Ask someone worthy to check it and give you true, objective advice.
Check the document for clarity, grammar, tone, precision, spellings, conviction, relevance, credibility, interest, and impact
Pay attention to the chronological sequence of your career – present position first.
Write your own CV, as it will feel more comfortable when discussed at an interview. Why? Because it represents your speech style.

Use “I’m exactly what you are looking for”, (you don’t know enough about the job yet).
Use jargon and clichés e.g. ‘looking for a challenge’, ‘strong interpersonal skills’, ‘a good team player’. In a word, if you have to tell someone you are important, you are not!
Use self-regarding phrases of yourself in the 3rd person. Find factual evidence that says it loudly for you.
Lie or massage your qualifications – detailed background checks are a standard practice.
Waste money on designer CV’s – they are over-verbose and use catch-all, sales language that does not reflect your style … so do it yourself!